Urgent Needs

Current & Urgent Needs

A housing complex with a number of Seniors and set income families may lose their townhomes due to urgent repairs to the outside of the building. The condo fees in the reserve fund will not cover these emergency repairs and the Condo Board has no option but to require $5000 from each unit owner. There are some unit owners who have no resolution and are asking for assistance. Donations are needed to help fill the financial void for these unit owners.   

The Blessing Fund filled some time sensitive needs this Christmas 2022. You can read about them on the Blessing Stories Link

CURRENT NEED - June 06-15-22

URGENT- The Blessing Fund does not have enough monthly donations to cover these needs. 

An elderly woman on limited assistance has a need for financial assistance with some important bills such as car insurance. She had extra medical expenses that have put her behind. 

A young family of 4 has had a difficult time with income due to a job situation. This deficit will cause them to lose their home.  They are renters and do not own. 

As a member of the family, helping one another, please consider your best donation today.     Donate
The following are the most current and urgent needs as of December 2021

1) We receive requests for assistance with utilities after they have been turned down by other organizations. These organizations have requirements that do not permit them to "borrow" from other organizations since the organization has implemented new policies for assistance. 
During this time, many are finding it difficult to work during the pandemic or have lost their jobs for other reasons. 
Please consider a year-end donation to enable us to help these families and continue to provide readily available assistance.  
See the "Start NOW" to send a donation through our secure portal.
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Thank you for your donation! You are a blessing!!