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There is a sinking feeling when you realize you are alone in your circumstances and you need a miracle.  One of the greatest miracles is when we realize that we have made a difference in someone's life when there seemed to be no light in sight.  Perhaps you have experienced this very same Blessing, when someone made a difference for you!

If we believe we can do greater and bigger things together, then we're not thinking "small" anymore.  I'd like to challenge your heart to do greater and bigger as you're able to, in every area of your life.  Thinking bigger makes way for hope to grow and for faith to plant seeds.  

While a small "helping hand" has made a big impact in a number of ways,  We can't do this without you and we encounter those who have nowhere to turn. This is because those who are facing insurmountable circumstances have "fallen through the cracks" of a broken support system in their community.  

You are the "We" that enable The Blessing Fund to touch lives, bringing hope and light into the dark places.  As you read the urgent needs below, please take to heart, the opportunity to become a monthly partner or give a one-time donation to make a difference. You are a blessing.    

Urgent Needs

Current & Urgent Needs

URGENT NEED posted May 25th

Three Urgent Situations
A housing complex with a number of Seniors and set-income families may lose their townhomes due to urgent repairs to the outside of the building. The condo fees in the reserve fund will not cover these emergency repairs and the Condo Board has no option but to require $5000 from each unit owner. There are some unit owners who have no resolution and are asking for assistance. Donations are needed to help fill the financial void for these unit owners.   Currently, there is one family that is facing foreclosure on their home due to additional circumstances, unless we can provide financial relief.

She is living in her car. We are currently trying to help a middle-aged woman with a hotel room until she can find shelter. She is on disability and has severe mobility issues. Her disability is not enough to cover rent. She was living with her mother until she passed away, and since then, has had to vacate the home.  She has two cats that are with her in the car. She will not part with them because she says that it's the only family she has left.  She has been turned down by the organization her parents (now deceased) were licensed with for 50 years. Her need is very desperate as the heat rises during the Summer, for her health and her loving pets. Her need has slipped through the cracks since she is homeless and doesn't qualify for urgent housing because she is not a mother with children.    

A middle-aged woman is in need of some home therapy equipment. She is requesting assistance because she has been fighting for Ontario Disability for approximately 7 years. OW does not provide the therapy she needs. After years of prescription medication, it is damaging her organs and her doctor has required her to remove this pain medication from her regimen. After supporting her emotionally through a period of withdrawal, she is facing severe headaches and sleepless nights, and anxiety. She has approached The Blessing Fund for support, requesting a special pillow for her neck and a massage pad to help ease the pain in her back so that she can try to get better "restorative" sleep for her health. She is also in need of custom orthotics to help ease pain in her back and feet.  The total cost of these items would be $1000 all together.  We are seeking an orthotic specialist to sponsor her need and this may cut down on some expenses, but so far, we have not been successful to find a sponsor.  Please consider supporting The Blessing Fund as we face the needs of so many at this time.

We receive requests for assistance with utilities after they have been turned down by other organizations. These organizations have requirements that do not permit them to "borrow" from other organizations since the organization has implemented new policies for assistance.  During this time, many are finding it difficult due to job loss because of the pandemic or for other reasons. 
Please consider becoming a monthly partner for just $5.00 a month, 0r whatever amount is on your heart.  This will enable us to help these families and continue to provide readily available assistance in a timely manner. Especially when the need is usually urgent.

See the "Start NOW" below to send a donation through our secure portal.

Thank you 


Thank you for your donation! You are a blessing!!