The Helping Hands Project

One of the inspirations for The Blessing Fund was the past interaction with the homeless.  In our current economy, this has become more prevalent.  It's an overwhelming epidemic in some regions but let's start where we can.

The Helping Hands Project will provide gift certificates to give the homeless access to the things they need. This will include grocery cards, dollar store cards, and drugstore cards, and may also include other emergency needs such as shelter.  

As you can imagine, this is a great deal of administration and planning, which also includes increasing our monthly gifts in order to fill these needs.  We are in Phase One of building this program. 

It's because of the generous donations that we have been able to do as much as we have already.  

We need you!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the hardest times because it leaves a lot of people literally without the basics, simple pleasures of the seasons, and to be heard and loved during this time, 

Just $20 a month will help us complete this mission together. Please join us and become a Helping Hand. Together we can lift them up with a Helping Hand.